How Stella Tower Got Its Glory Back

When your project calls for recreating the long lost Art Deco crown of a 1920s Paul Walker high-rise in New York City, you call on Corinthian Cast Stone to bring the past to life … Read More

Bespoke Concrete Curing Racks for Bespoke Cast Stone Concrete Products

Cast stone concrete is the most customized and architecturally ornamental precast concrete manufactured today. Its value to the restora- tion of landmark buildings, in governmental, commercial and residential buildings and as a piece of sculpture art also makes cast stone concrete a high dollar product in an industry that constantly lowering its prices. Corinthian Cast Stone, Inc. formed in 1998 and located in Wyandanch, New York just outside of New York City on Long Island has provided the local market with locally manufactured, exceptional cast stone concrete and ancillary services since its inception….Read More

Kodak Moments, Deconstructed

When New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) created an exhibit focusing on the work of photographer Christopher Williams, Corinthian Cast Stone was happy to be part of the team that made it happen. The installation called for a replica of a 1958 English block wall, so the Corinthian team manufactured just that using its state-of-the-art architectural cast stone process. The wall, looking every bit like one that may have been constructed by a skilled mason over 50 years ago, serves as the backdrop for “Kodak Three Point Reflection Guide”.

See a photo of this amazing piece here.

Read the New York Times article on the exhibit here.