Purchasing Packages

Corinthian Cast Stone, inc. (CCSI) offers 4 different purchasing packages to aid in your next purchase of custom Cast Stone.  These packages are designed to allow our customers the ability to tailor their purchase of custom Cast Stone based on the time and budget.

  • Signature Series Designer GuidePackage A – Our most affordable package, this package maximizes the use of our Signature Series components. With your design in mind, our Detailers will substitute the specified components with details of your choosing from our Signature Series. This reduces the cost of shop drawings and custom molds, most importantly reduces the lead time for your order. With this package, you will receive catalog cuts for each component.
  • Package B – Our most economical custom package. If custom profiles and sizes are required for the job, CCSI’s team will produce standard straight units for the entire job. These units can then be cut to fit in the field by the mason to accommodate corner conditions. This package offers a very fast lead time due to lack of custom detailing and mold making required. With this package, you will receive piece tickets only for each component.
  • Package C – Our semi custom package. This package expands on the Package B by including all formed outside corners and inside miters. By offering formed corners your mason will spend less time cutting mitered corners and you will have a custom looking design. With this package, you will receive piece tickets only for each component.
  • Package D – Full Custom Castings. For the one of a kind project, CCSI’s team of Detailers, Mold Makers and Cast Stone Fabricators will custom manufacture all components of your project to meet any and all conditions that are required. Whether it is a renowned Architects design or a Historic Restoration project, CCSI has the ability to create or recreate any detail, design or pattern imagined or found. With this package, you will also receive a full set of setting drawings guiding your mason during the installation of every component.

Download Purchasing Packages (PDF)