Replication Architectural Elements

Corinthian Cast Stone is often called in to replicate existing architectural ornamentation on building that is often 75 or 100 years old hence there are no prints available and if there is documentation there certainly are not any AutoCAD or 3d files from which to work.

The Corinthian Cast Stone Inc. Solution. A unique laser scan metrology based approach to the recreation of our architectural history, borne from the absolute necessity for exact replication with minimal penetration to the building envelope and NO damage to the architectural artifact.

As a matter of fact the only penetration required is that of a probe for depth of the artifact being replicated.

So how does Corinthian Cast Stone do it? And what make us uniquely qualified to be our clients and other manufacturers’ choice “go to guy”? Our laser scan metrology division started out as a way for Corinthian Cast Stone to accurately and quickly field measure projects without the need for ever going back to a site for a missed dimension. Once we coupled the information gathered with our CNC departments’ capabilities, we had a winning solution. We scan, we draw/model, we cut, we cast, we deliver- right the first time. Corinthian is here to provide you with solutions whether we are the cast / natural stone fabricators or not.

Our project management format is simple and outlined below:


  1. Maintain historic and architectural intent of the units to be replicated
  2. Provide existing conditions documentation and archiving with high precision Laser Scanning Metrology
  3. Replace existing elements with new artifacts that replicate with exactitude the original units.