Laser Scanning

Corinthian Data Capture is the laser scan metrology division of Corinthian. Its purpose is to provide accurate and timely documentation of existing conditions; whether it is an entire building, its façade, a construction site or an architectural artifact. To this end Corinthian Data Capture owns and employs multiple types of laser scan metrology devices each deigned and used for a specific purpose.


Professional engineering

Our engineering services comprise the schematic design of anchors and anchor assemblies, including the selection of anchor and fastening materials and combinations of materials for optimum results. CCS determines the forces (i.e. wind velocity, dead and live loads as well as seismic) that a structure must withstand, and engineers the anchors accordingly.


Cast Stone Detailing

Coordinating Corinthian Cast Stone existing conditions survey and the Architect’s drawings we will create a submittal drawing set that explains in detail the entire project as it relates to our scope of work. We will offer suggestions that will help reduce cost or improve aesthesis while maintaining the Architect’s design intent.


Color Matching

Cast Stone manufacturing is governed by ASTM 1364 – Standard Specification for Architectural Cast Stone in which reference is made to ASTM D2244- Standard Practice for Calculation of Color tolerances and Color Differences form Instrumentally Measured Color Coordinates.


Replication Architectural Elements

Corinthian Cast Stone is often called in to replicate existing architectural ornamentation on building that is often 75 or 100 years old hence there are no prints available and if there is documentation there certainly are not any AutoCAD or 3d files from which to work.


Expand Your Brand

Corinthian Cast Stone Inc. partners with other manufacturers and distributors to expand their brand offering or start a completely new product line. We specialize in architectural and sculptural elements – both indoor and outdoor.



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