Corinthian Cast Stone offers a variety of materials to use in the construction of your projects, specifications are below.

04 7200 _ CAST STONE 

Specifier Notes: This section covers cast stone masonry as manufactured by Corinthian Cast Stone Inc. Cast stone is a highly refined architectural precast concrete product manufactured from earth-moist, steam cured concrete to simulate natural cut stone.

This casting method uses more carefully graded aggregate and a lower water cement ratio than precast concrete. Aesthetically cast stones appearance resembles that of natural cut stone while the physical properties exceed those of most natural stone and those of architectural precast concrete.

Consult Corinthian Cast Stone for assistance in editing this section for the specific application.

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04 400_ Indiana Limestone

Corinthian Cast Stone partners with only Indiana Limestone Institute fabricators on our projects. CCs provides the critical field dimensioning, shop drawings, coordination of adjacencies, engineering of anchors and miscellaneous steel, fabrication drawings, manufacturing inspections, coordination of deliveries as well as having a presence at site meetings. We function as an extension of both the construction team and the fabricator ensuring that the job gets done quickly and correctly.

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